Common Sense for Women 101 and Harvey Weinstein’s Hotel Room

This should be self-evident, but apparently it is not:

If you do not want to be sexually harassed or even raped, do NOT go to a hotel room to discuss a job or a gig (unless you are a prostitute). 

Corollary: if you do not want to be sexually harassed again, do NOT go to a hotel room AGAIN with the same scumbag.

This is common sense not held by Ashley Judd, the self-avowed nasty woman of feminism. By her own account, she visited Harvey Weinstein‘s room multiple times, with the same result – an attempt at the casting couch – each time. Mr. Weinstein, a self-avowed feminist, seems to be the grabby sort, when he’s not trying to cadge a nekkid massage from one of his employees.

Let me lay down some points here: if you willingly go to a man’s hotel room, he’s going to make assumptions. If you do not kick his ass the first time he grabs yours, he’s going to assume you are playing hard to get. If you take money in exchange for not prosecuting him for grabbing your ass, you are a whore. And if you take his money in exchange for silence, then go out and preach about feminism and women’s strength, you are a hypocrite.

Now some more points, since the other half of this does not seem to be well-understood either. Unless traveling, it is inappropriate to conduct business in a hotel room rather than in your office or at a lunch. It is never okay for a man to insist his female employees massage his ogrish naked body. It is never okay to assume a woman is willing to have sex or mess around just because she comes to your hotel room. And it is never okay to pay a woman off so she doesn’t publicly embarass you, then run around claiming to be a feminist.

Sheesh. You would think these truths to be self-evident.

The faux feminists of liberalism are now running around pretending to be utterly aghast at this behavior. Give me a break. Bill Clinton engaged in much the same things in the Oval Office. What did y’all do when it was no longer deniable? You said you’d be happy to give him a blow job just because he kept abortion legal.

So you would debase yourself, cynically abusing your sexuality in exchange for certain laws? That, too, is prostitution; power is an item of value.

What feminism has devolved into is beyond pathetic. Women fought first for abolition, then legal protections for abused women, then suffrage, with great dignity and aplomb. Today, they clamor for not equal, but extra rights. They don’t understand how to keep the rights they should have simply to maintain dignity. Instead of treating sex as the very special and emotional  and powerful thing it is, they treat it like any other bodily function.

Weinstein is a scumbag. But he was operating in the same way many powerful men do: he took the lack of “no” as a “yes.” Women need to claim their personal power. Instead of being angry at men when they assume, we should be angry at ourselves for not taking enough responsibility to say, clearly and loudly, NO. And our actions should match our words.

Let’s put on the big-girl panties and act like adults, not helpless and vulnerable children. If every woman in the sisterhood had said no, Weinstein would not have been able to assume yes. Every woman who did not say no enabled his crass and humiliating behavior. EVERY woman.

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